What is New Tribal Art

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   Paleo-Indians travelled across the Bering Land Bridge and moved southward, eventually settling in Marin Co. California. 

   These stone age people ...

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The Start of New Tribal Art

About Ring Mountain

The Start Of New Tribal Art

I began looking for other forms of California Paleo-Indian Tribal Art after visiting Ring Mountain in the year 2000. I found plenty of wood carvings but didn't realize until 2017, that there were glass, metal and pyroclastic pieces too. My research indicated that the San Quentin People used a technique whereby they pecked away at a larger stone with much smaller sharp stones to created the shape and decorations on their stone tools. This technique is known as the PCN Tradition. Their stone tools and wood carvings were decorated with glyphs representing many of the strange creatures that lived in the area. Then, In 2017, I discovered that the primitive, but technologically advanced San Quentin People also worked with other materials formed each time the volcano erupted. There were alot of pieces of what seemed to be lava and broken glass on the beach. Upon closer inspection, I realized that these were not broken bottles but beautifully adorned pieces of glass that had been created by nature and then adorned by the San Quentin People. What began as a hobby has grown into the largest collection of its kind. Nothing on this site was excavated, it was collected from the surface of a rocky beach near the gate of San Quentin Prison. PIECES CAN BE UP TO 8,000 YEARS OLD!

About Ring Mountain

Ring Mountain Preserve in Corte Madera, California is a short distance from the San Quentin Peninsula. It is considered to be one of the most important locations for prehistoric Rock Art in the United States. It turns out that the same images appearing on Ring Mountain are also found on the glass, metal, pyroclastic and wooden artifacts in this collection. These images or pictures are known as glyphs and represent the Paleo-Indian's form of written language.